DIY audio modification how to correctly install the car horn?

 Trade news    |      2017-10-23
First, the car horn fixed role 

When installing the car horn, care should be taken to secure the horn and the fixed part securely, leaving no clearance between the mounting part and reducing the vibration around the installation of the speaker part. If the horn itself vibrates, the steel part connected to it will also vibrate. In this way, the vibration of the damped steel plate will affect the overall sound quality. 

Second, the front door part of the installation 

1, fixed method: first with the baffle on the speaker to install the location of reinforcement, reinforcement and then the speaker fixed to the inside of the door, reducing the vibration inside the door due to the noise caused by the plate. The baffle should be in good contact with the steel plate inside the door, there is no gap between the door steel plate and the baffle. If the door steel plate deformation, can not guarantee the rigidity, the door steel plate will produce resonance. Can be used to fix the gasket, making the baffle and the door in good contact with steel. 

2, the maintenance of the hole cover: the door inside the steel plate are generally reserved for the size of the maintenance holes to facilitate the maintenance of the corresponding parts. In order to prevent the sound behind the speaker from the sound in front of the speaker have an impact in the maintenance hole can cover the aluminum plate or lead plate, or use other sound absorption material to block. 

3, the door steel plate vibration: the rigidity of the steel plate is softer, it needs to be vibration. The vibration is to reduce the noise generated by the vibration of the steel plate. The general method is to use the plate in the paste on the vibration material to prevent the impact of vibration on the sound quality. 

Third, after the installation of the rear window section 

1, the fixed position of the baffle screw: the installation of the baffle and the rear window shape is basically the same, in the installation of the speaker to set aside the installation hole. Use the screws to secure the baffle and the rear window frame together to suppress the baffle resonance. The position of the screw is fixed so that the ends can be securely fastened, and the number of fastening screws in the middle of the baffle is increased so that the plates of the baffle and the rear window are connected together tightly. This can make the woofer installed in this position do not leak sound, the bass range will be extended down, in the low frequency domain will not produce a low sound. 

2, the rear window steel plate resonance treatment: If the baffle and the rear window between the steel plate gap, it may resonate. The approach is usually to adjust the gap between the baffle and the rear window steel plate, and fill the gap with the damping pad. This can make the sound in the middle frequency domain, the clarity of the sound is improved. 

3, the rear window steel space treatment: rear window steel plate is not smooth, in order to reduce the use of steel, steel plate was stamping some convex and concave surface. When the baffle is fastened to the steel plate, the convex and concave surfaces create a gap between the baffle and the steel plate. In order to reduce the gap between the two, you can fill in the convex and concave surface of some sound absorption of foam or lighter quality, can be used as filler material.