Car speaker manufacturers tell you to buy speakers do not fall into the mis

 Trade news    |      2017-10-23
In the purchase of car speakers, car horn manufacturers will remind you do not fall into the misunderstanding? Many audio enthusiasts have just come into contact with car audio often think so, the higher the amount of sense of the more exciting the more exciting, the speaker the volume of the bigger the better, the more soft the better bass, in fact, these are wrong. 

First of all, there is no car treble music boring, no color at all, the existence of car tweets so that car speakers on the music reproduction of a lot of color, car treble in the audio equipment can be said to be indispensable. But relatively speaking, the treble part of the foot is too good, it is not a good thing, first of all, produce too many tweeter car speakers issued by the sound, it is very harsh, vocal performance is easy to produce "teeth", that is Said the singer in the singing when the call out of the air and the impact of the teeth produced by the "slightest" sound, this voice is too obvious will affect the vividness of the human voice, people feel a bit numb feeling. In addition, the performance of the sound in the violin above will produce "glare" too bright, too bright, and listen to a long time dizzy (eardrum can not stand).

Good car treble should be in the human voice will not produce too many teeth, but the singer out of the air singing clear, violin sound is brilliant, gorgeous, soft, rich and not "dazzling." 

Secondly, many of my friends are interested in music, but his understanding of the car audio equipment is a big mistake, that the greater the volume of the car speaker is a good speaker. In fact, long-term music in a large volume of music will cause great harm to the ears. I believe that many people have seen before used to broadcast large-caliber tweeter, that kind of speaker can send a lot of volume, but can it use to enjoy music? Even if it can be used, I think it replays the music is not how many people can enjoy. Because it is for the production of large volume, playing music is dull, without any appreciation of the value. And we used to listen to music equipment is not this "monster", and use is not the same. Therefore, in the purchase of car horns to take into account the high, medium, bass, sound performance ability, rather than simply blindly pursue the loudness. 

Finally, the bass gives Peng Pai, magnificent feeling. Good bass definition is strong, vigorous, dive deep, flexible, there is texture. But some people like the soft low frequency, the specific committee that is not clear, in fact, this low frequency and will not listen to bad, but from the "fever" point of view it is "soft feet", no sense of power. Enjoy the fast-paced music when it is not clean and agile, appreciate the symphony of the scenes when it is not enough Peng Pai, listen to rock it is not enough strength, it seems only the cello that kind of sad lingering unique sound quality is more suitable for it, but not too many people Would like the feeling of the kind of sad cello. 

More than three points, is the Fulai Te car audio in the long-term car horn production process accumulated experience, hope that the majority of audio friends can avoid spending money can not buy their favorite audio products.