What are the preparations for car audio modifications?

 Questions    |      2017-10-23
When the car audio car modification, the first task should be done as follows: 

1. the appearance part. Look at the appearance of whether the scratches, scratches, open the door to see if the demolition of the site with no signs and other injuries. 

2. electrical parts. Check the instrument and the electrical appliances are normal. 

3. The car room part. Check the car interior for damage and so on. 

Check the product to be installed. According to the sales list inventory required to install the product to determine its intact, complete accessories, and centralized storage, custody. 

Understand the location of the installation and alignment. To develop a master plan, to draw the configuration security map confirmed by the owner. 
Do the record, and let the owner in the car audio construction check form to confirm the signature.