Method of Eliminating Common Trouble of Automobile

 Questions    |      2017-10-23
(1) sound left and right channel volume is not the same 

Troubleshooting: first check the host balance button is in the middle position, and then check the front input and output LEVEL control button is the same, and the amplifier input sensitivity left and right channel settings are the same, if still can not be ruled out, the host signal line Left and right swap, observe the speaker side of the smaller volume will not become larger, if it will, that the host has a problem, otherwise the latter part of the problem. 

(2) a channel treble silent

Troubleshooting: first check the crossover wiring is connected, and then use the meter from the crossover terminal to measure whether there is no sound, it may be wrong to connect the car speaker line input to the bass output. 

(3) noise 

Troubleshooting: Check the RCA signal terminal is connected to the negative, if the host side of the RCA signal output terminal has been broken, the meter can be used to measure the negative pole and the host chassis is connected. 

(4) when the volume is small 

Troubleshooting: first check the power supply cable and body shell contact is loose, and then check the front and rear input and output RCA is normal, and finally see if the sensitivity knob is normal.