Brand of the original car speakers than Fulai Te car horn production of hi

 Questions    |      2017-10-23

First of all, we need to further understand the original car speakers and Follet car speaker production of the product differences, we borrowed the relevant test tools for the original BMW speakers and Fulai Te speaker test contrast to the measured data analysis in the end the original car speakers Where the difference, why should upgrade the original car speaker system.

BMW original car horn 

If you think that "my original car is used in the brand of speakers, has been very high." Then you are wrong, most depots in order to control costs, will be from the consumer can not see the beginning of the reduction, such as speakers is One of the. Can be no exaggeration to say that most of the original car speakers (mostly oh) and after the well-known brands compared to, or will be a lot less. In the electricity business on the search for the original car horn price, almost average price of 100 yuan or so, and some modified stores and even demolished Mercedes-Benz BMW and other original car speakers in the sale, the price is also up and down 200 yuan. 

The original car speakers really so bad? 

In order to more professional test out of the original car speakers and post-installed brand speaker difference, through the professional equipment to measure the music audition effect, mainly through the speaker (that is, we commonly known as the speaker) to the performance, but the vast majority of the original car speakers Are neutral, it is difficult to music the treble and bass part of the performance to the extreme. And work alone from the material to do comparison, after the installation of brand speakers there are very significant differences. 

Of course, to know how to compare the original car horn and after the installation of brand speakers, we first need to understand the basic material of the speaker material and sound quality contrast. 

First, the raw material comparison: Folet car horn production of all raw materials are required to provide quality assurance to domestic suppliers, the core components and even imported from abroad. The original car matching, in order to save costs, most of the vehicle factory is the use of plastic materials assembled car speakers. 

Fu Lai Te 6.2 face CN back 

Flair car horns produce 6.2CN series 

Second, the sound quality contrast: the current market, most of the original car speakers in the use of the process, will feel the sound tiled dry and no flexibility, so it is difficult to distinguish between high and low parts, there is no sense of music. Follet car horns produce most of the products, will be able to make up for these deficiencies.