The Effect of Car - listening Environment on the Audible Effect of Audio Sp

 Company News    |      2017-10-23
Due to the characteristics of the car, the car listening environment has some of the following adverse effects on the sound of the speaker. 

1) car room volume is only one-tenth of the general room, and the car room has a variety of shapes of obstacles, car audio horn sound can not spread well, in the sense of oppression will produce a sense. 

2) the general room or music to listen to the reverberation time of 300-1000ms, while the car room reverberation time in 100ms below, very short, resulting in reverberation, in the auditory is not easy to produce telepresence, a long time will produce fatigue.

3) The position of the speaker of the home audio system is symmetrical for the position of the listener, and the position of the speaker of the car sound system is very asymmetrical for the position of the listener. In the auditory, the sound field will be biased towards the position of the speaker closer to the speaker. 

4) the absorption of various materials on the sound is different, and the same material on the frequency of the attraction is also different, so even if the same kind of vehicles, but also because of the internal decorations of materials and the number of different effects of sound effects. 

General interior decoration, seats, roof and floor and other surface materials for the cloth and blankets, the inside is the use of synthetic leather, coupled with the impact of listeners and glass, in the high-frequency band will form a more complex sound characteristic. Car leather decoration of the car, in the hearing, the high-frequency speaker listening better. 

5) car-specific noise, such as driving vibration noise, engine noise, tire noise, etc., for the audio horn sound effects will have adverse effects, especially for low-frequency range speakers, thus undermining the sound quality and music sense. As the speed increases, the noise gradually expands to the high frequency portion, and the running noise obscures the sound in the low frequency domain, thereby deteriorating the sound quality. Car audio is affected by the impact of car driving noise is very large, such as car audio speakers in some state low frequency domain is insufficient, at high speed, high frequency domain will also appear inadequate.