Guangzhou City, Europe Electronics Co., Ltd., is a professional, large-scale, production and sales of car audio speakers of the well-known enterprises, a standardized and independent production workshop, with a strong production and research and development capabilities, a professional after-sales service team, Products include low, medium and high grade of different products, variety, type Qi, including coaxial speakers, set speakers, fever-level subwoofer, modified grade products, and high-frequency Aberdeen, car amplifier, all kinds of active subwoofer , High-end ultra-subwoofer, and so on.

  Founded in June 2003, its own brand "Fu Lai Te", based in Guangzhou set up marketing center, the establishment of a proprietary image of the store, the radiation of the country. 10 years, "Fulai Te" grow into a certain influential national sound brand, in the national market by the majority of merchants unanimously recognized and praise, over the years has been leading the sales counterparts.

  The company has a corporate philosophy of "professional European brand, professional manufacturing", "wholeheartedly do professional talent, dedication to do professional services," the corporate style, the majority of new and old customers of the extreme praise, "the best to enjoy the owner, the maximum profit Leaving the customer "business philosophy is" Fu Lai Te "car audio to the majority of agents of the solemn commitment!