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Focus on the details, the real quality on the production line to complete

  • Independent research and development

    To line audio brand as a benchmark, Follett set up their ownProfessional r&d team,Constantly improve the sound quality, enhance the appearance.

  • Selection of materials

    The core components are selected imported raw materials, speakers than the peer sensitivity of similar productsHigher than 2-3 db,Host flat drive fully meet sound.

  • Advanced equipment

    firstly adoptedThe industry's most advanced production equipment,Change the production process, a substantial increase in production efficiency.

  • Complete Process

    In the past have been on the basis of further refinement of production, the exclusive formation56 complete craftsmanshipTo ensure that every link is in control.

  • Rigorous testing

    Finished storage before going through high frequency, high pressure and so on12 tests and experiments,To ensure extended useLife 2-3 years.

Proficient in the service

  • on behalf of the maintenance - for customers to resolve the legacy products

    to allow customers to easily Acting Folet sound, the maximum reduction in inventory costs and after-sales losses; Flette first launched ----- "on behalf of the maintenance"; Successful contract customers are entitled to a year after sale and maintenance of the productAlternative products One year after sale and maintenance.
  • 1 year replacement - Follett offers 1 year quality replacement service

    electronic parts , such as: speakers, amplifiers, etc. (except for boxes and wires); if quality problems arise, Follet offers Returned to the factory to replace; Our company will receive bad products1 working daySend contact details, 7 days will be sent back to the customer.
  • 1.5 year warranty - provide you with long warranty service

    Fulai Te for the national agents to provide far more than peers 1.5 years long warranty service; Let the customer agent be assured that the sales are at ease and provide long-term product knowledge and marketing free training services.
  • Quality standards - Follett offers you the most secure guarantee

    Follett solemn promise:Our products, factory pass rate of 100% ,electronic products in the process of non-performing rate are controlled within 3% ; electro-acoustic products are controlled at 1%. Three months, can be deployed for any un dismounted products;
  • Professional Training - Folet Sound provides you with nationwide on-site training

    Folet has experience in the production and sales of professional car audio horns with 11 years Professional car audio speaker production and sales experience; We will be for a year to a certain amount of sales, or potential regional agents;Regular home visits and guidance,And provide product performance, sales skills and so onCourse training.
  • value spree - for many years to provide audition and sample sound

    Folet to promote agency sales to promote regional sales; for each agent to prepare a beautiful audition disc, gift for many years At the same time for the successful signing of the agents free of charge 1 sets of car audio samples, as a prototype test equipment products.

Acting Fulai Te car audio

Agent process: to inquire     Intentional communication    Understand the product     Introduce the products to the agents and discuss the relevant policies of the company    To cooperate

Product Support

Independent research and development and production of nearly 100 kinds of car speakers, covering different functions, models and price, fully meet the diverse needs of customers. Have a strong production capacity, to ensure timely supply.

Brand support

Set design, production and sales in one, 11 years to build "Fu Lai Te" car audio quality brand. Has settled in Alibaba, HC Mall, Fulai Te line to create all-round publicity for agents to open up the market to provide a good brand support.

Advertising support

To increase market share, enhance brand awareness, Follett will organize agents to participate in local auto supplies industry exhibition. On the annual sales of the top five agents, to provide regional Fulai Te car audio website, used for marketing support.

Marketing Support

In order to safeguard the interests of agents, Follett firmly adhere to the regional protection, exclusive agents, to prevent Cuanhuo, chaos delivery and other undesirable phenomena, the maximum degree of market independence.

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Professional European licensing, professional manufacturing

Guangzhou City, Europe Electronics Co., Ltd., is a professional, large-scale, production and sales of car audio speakers of the well-known enterprises, a standardized and independent production workshop, with a strong production and research and development capabilities, a professional after-sales service team, Products include low, medium and high grade of different products, variety, type Qi, including coaxial speakers, set speakers, fever-level subwoofer, modified grade products, and high-frequency Aberdeen, car amplifier, all kinds of active subwoofer , High-end ultra-subwoofer, and so on. Founded in June 2003, its own brand "Fu Lai Te", based in Guangzhou set up marketing center ...

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